Application analysis of intelligent barcode readers in lithium battery, 3C and other industries


On November 3rd, OPT held an online seminar on machine vision technology to discuss in depth the application of smart barcode readers.AIIntelligent control system and liquid lens technology, combined with the reading scenarios of lithium battery, 3C, automobile manufacturing and other industries to give special lectures. This topic was given by OPT project engineer Chen Yan.

  Built-in AI intelligent control system, efficient and accurate code reading

Industrial code reading technology is widely used in product quality traceability and tracking. Code reading efficiency and accuracy are important criteria for measuring the performance of code readers.

Application analysis of intelligent barcode readers in lithium battery, 3C and other industries

The intelligent barcode reader launched by OPT has a resolution of 0.4~20MP, integrates AI intelligent control system, adopts multi-core heterogeneous parallel computing, and makes CPU, NPU and ISP parallel through 3-level pipeline software structure, that is, from barcode photo to image There is no need to wait for the whole process from preprocessing to decoding; the built-in CPU of the smart code reader has the function of multi-core and multi-thread processing data. Compared with other single-threaded code readers, the reading time is shorter and the decoding is more efficient.

The AI ​​intelligent control system equipped with the smart code reader also has a built-in deep learning algorithm and distortion correction algorithm; the deep learning algorithm can adaptively learn advanced semantic feature information, automatically distinguish barcode parts, characters and abnormalities, and is not affected by barcodes. Dirty, damaged, blurred, poor printing quality, etc., can accurately read the barcode information; and the distortion correction algorithm can automatically correct the processing, such as the barcode of the common cylindrical battery, which is not easily affected by the arc surface, and can still be read accurately.

 Can be used with liquid lens, suitable for high-speed dynamic code reading

In addition to improving the efficiency of code reading and decoding by adopting multi-core heterogeneous parallel computing, the OPT smart code reader also optimizes the hardware for focusing and image acquisition to further meet the high-speed and dynamic code reading requirements.

All smart barcode readers support one-button automatic tuning, built-in focusing and decoding algorithms, and can freely choose mechanical focusing or liquid lens focusing technology to achieve automatic focusing and fast and clear imaging.

OPT liquid lens focusing technology

The liquid lens technology is designed according to the principle of bionic science. It changes the curvature through current drive and pressure, realizes fast focusing, and the response speed reaches millisecond level. Provide good basic conditions.

Note: Some models are equipped with liquid lens

Especially in scenarios that have certain requirements for code reading speed, such as auto parts production, the smart code reader equipped with liquid lens technology can achieve instant focus, quickly obtain effective barcode information, and greatly improve code reading efficiency; Compatible with code-reading scenes of different heights, within the depth of field, there is no need to adjust the height of the code-reading device, saving time.

 Meet the code reading needs of different industries such as lithium battery and 3C

In order to better cope with the complex environment of the code reading site and reduce the impact of material reflection and low contrast, the OPT smart code reader adopts a multi-channel uniform lighting system, 4-way light