Rockwell Automation Introduces FactoryTalk Design Hub


Rockwell Automation Introduces FactoryTalk Design Hub

Recently, as one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of Industrial automation, informatization and digital transformation, Rockwell Automation announced the launch of FactoryTalk® Design Hub™. Today, when industrial enterprises can use simpler and more efficient cloud-based working methods to realize the transformation of automated design capabilities, no matter where the team is located, what size it is, and what skill set they have, they can correspondingly improve their collaboration capabilities and life cycle. level of management and on-demand access to cloud-based software to work more efficiently. These help to improve design efficiency, speed up product launch, and reduce system development and maintenance costs.

“In this new era where work is no longer limited by time or place, having a centralized, on-demand design tool is critical for companies to scale production and easily adapt to changing customer demands,” said Rockwell Automation Software “With FactoryTalk Design Hub, manufacturing engineers can access all of Rockwell Automation’s tools and capabilities at a centralized point, enabling effective design and collaboration across teams and across the enterprise,” said Brian Shepherd, senior vice president of Engineering and Control Systems. “

FactoryTalk Design Hub helps industrial companies optimize the development and deployment of automation projects while adhering to the latest security standards and information technology (IT) best practices. FactoryTalk Design Hub gives teams on-demand access to design content through any web browser, and the software is always up-to-date, with the flexibility to scale users and computing power to meet project workload demands.

“Digital transformation of automation design capabilities requires both leveraging cloud computing to maximize the efficiency of control system developers and having all software tools interconnected via digital wires to maximize collaboration, scalability and production Efficiency,” said Craig Resnick, vice president of ARC Advisory Group, “FactoryTalk Design Hub from Rockwell Automation enables a seamless connection between the digital thread of its design, visualization, digital twin, storage and remote access software tools, allowing control System developers will have instant, on-demand access to all automation design content wherever they are, helping their organizations accelerate initiatives ranging from digital transformation to IT/OT convergence.”

Businesses are looking for better ways to solve their most pressing problems. Traditional software design methods have limitations in terms of collaboration capabilities, scalability, and productivity. The FactoryTalk Design Hub of Rockwell Automation can effectively solve these three problems and meet the design requirements of various automation workflows.

Doug Hoffer, senior automation engineer at Samuel Engineering, said, “I’m pleased to see that Rockwell Automation is dedicating significant re