The most beautiful post-90s warehouse girl uses robotic technology to allow patients to receive medicines in advance


“HaverobotHelp to get the medicine, the medicine can be delivered to the patient earlier, even 10 minutes earlier, it is very meaningful. “

Her name is Li Huimin, 25 years old, a celebrity in Guangdong Maoming, and a warehouse employee of Zhongzhi Pharmacy. After moving to a new factory, the new co-workers are multiple box-type storage Robots behind her. This is the first pharmaceutical ACR (box storage robot) warehousing automation project implemented nationwide by Hairou Innovation and CIIC Pharmacy.

The most beautiful post-90s warehouse girl uses robotic technology to allow patients to receive medicines in advance

Li Huimin, the most beautiful warehouse girl born in the 1990s

During the epidemic, I hope that the medicine will be delivered to those in need sooner

During the epidemic prevention and control period, people’s work and life have been affected, and some pharmaceutical factory employees need to be isolated at home, resulting in slower drug supply in pharmacies. She hopes to use the help of robots to pick medicines in advance and review shipments. The pharmacy delivery area leaves at 8:00 every morning, and if she can be 10 minutes earlier, the vehicle can leave earlier. “Although I’m just a short girl, I’m lucky to have so many robots here to help me.”

Li Huimin reviews the drugs that are about to be released from the warehouse

A new way of working for the post-90s generation: working with robots during the day and improving medicine at night

The ACR (Box Warehousing Robot) provided by Hairou Innovation will select the material boxes of the target drugs and deliver them to the sorting area according to the order requirements of the pharmacy. The sorting personnel will pick out the drugs and deliver them to Li Huimin for system review. She no longer has to run around the warehouse as before, she just needs to stand in the review area and wait for it to be reviewed and then delivered.

Young people are the most keen to embrace new technologies and new trends. During the day, Li Huimin and the robot work together with robots to race against time for drug delivery; at night, she studies correspondence at the Zhongshan Torch Vocational and Technical College to improve her professional knowledge in medicine. “After working with robots, I am less tired, and I have more energy to study at night.” She hopes to get a graduation certificate in two years, so that she can become more professional and outstanding. For the future, she is more certain than before.

Li Huimin studying online after get off work in the evening

She has been working in Zhongzhi for more than a year, and the good working atmosphere here makes her feel progress and enrichment every day. “I think it’s a good place for young people. And it’s also possible to work with robots. Zhongzhi really opened my eyes.”

The temperature in Guangdong is sometimes high and sometimes low, and the temperature in Zhongshan in autumn is also around 26 degrees to 35 degrees, but medicines need to be stored in a cool warehouse below 20 degrees, and Li Huimin still has to wear a thick coat to work. “Robots are not afraid of cold like humans, and they can work normally at any temperature. They are really exemplary ‘workers’.”

Ordinary she also has extraordinary wishes

In the new warehousing and distribution center of Zhongzhi Pharmacy, the picking method has been upgraded from “people looking for goods” to “goods to people”. Hairou Innovation has provided CIIC with more than 13,000 storage locations, equipped with 4.2-meter-high shelves, multiple HAIPICK A42 Cooper robots and HAIPORT loading and unloading machines. CIIC said that the current storage density is 80% higher than that of previous manual warehouses. The precise navigation, identification and selection of the robot system has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy, and the efficiency of drug circulation has also been gradually improved.

Li Huimin’s new “worker”: the container storage robot provided by Hairou Innovation

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China sent a message to the youth: “Youth is strong, and the country is strong. Contemporary Chinese young students have a very broad stage to Display their talents, and the prospects for realizing their dreams are very bright.” At present, Li Huimin is in a good time. opportunity. In the pharmaceutical industry, she now has a stronger sense of mission. “People are paying more and more attention to their health, and I also hope that I can help more patients, so that they can get their medicines earlier and their bodies get better soon.” Now with the help of robots, her simple and simple wish, is gradually being realized.

In the eyes of many people, warehouses and factories require a lot of physical work, but with robotics, young people can easily perform warehouse jobs, balance work and study, and improve themselves. Behind the warehousing automation upgrade, it represents a new generation of warehousing work methods and new smart logistics thinking. The surging of every drop of rain creates a wave that pushes forward, and ordinary people can achieve extraordinary careers. Hairou Innovation hopes that more and more young people like Li Huimin will enter warehouses and factories and feel the leap that ACR (Box Storage Robot) brings to their jobs and industries.

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